Major Features:



  • allows users to store files on their own storage server without any built-in maximum size limit. (No built-in size limit by, limits due to a storage server, user computer resources like CPU, memory, bandwidth do apply).

  • Users can configure multiple storage servers and can use the app to store attachments on a multiples server. Currently,® support following servers:
  1.  Amazon S3
  2.  Azure Blob
  3.  FTP
  4.  SFTP
  5.  Local Disk
  • Users can upload attachments using drag and drop feature.


  • Users can upload multiple attachments simultaneously on their own server.


  • Users can Upload large files with ease, with pause and resume features.


  • File integrity check on uploading the files (If "Check File Integrity?" flag is on the integrity of file and file parts is checked while uploading the files. Though this ensures integrity of uploaded file, it has huge performance cost of calculating checksum on the browser, so if you are having performance issues while uploading large files this should be turned off.)


  • In Attachment settings under the field settings,users can add standard as well as custom fields in Attachment related list.
  • Users can maintain the versioning of attachments through the File versioning feature of® 


  • Salesforce users can run Salesforce reports on Attachments

  • Users can create folders on object to store attachments