Features of Attachments.expert
          Following are some of the features that Attachments.expert provide:

  • Attachments of any size can be uploaded through Attachments.expert (No built in size limit by Attachments.expert, limits due to storage server, user computer resources like CPU, memory, bandwidth do apply).
  • Users can upload attachments using drag and drop feature.

  • Upload multiple attachments with ease.

  • Upload large files with ease, with pause and resume features.

  • File integrity check on file uploaded (checks if uploaded file is not corrupted)

  • Multiple Storage Servers can be used to store attachments, Support for Amazon, Azure and Local server (SFTP/FTP server is added 
          version 1.1)

  • Globally search Attachments

  • Organize Attachments in folders in the storage based on record to which Attachments are being attached

  • Add your own custom fields on Attachment records.

  • Configure and display custom fields for Attachments.

  • File versioning.

  • Salesforce users can run Salesforce reports on Attachments

  • Chatter can be used on Attachment records

  • Attachments can be tagged and searched.